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Raised In The West

Jim Klempel and Gary Adams

Jim Klempel and Gary Adams

We aren’t four walls.  We’re four hundred acres.”

Meet Jim Klempel and Gary Adams.  Jim is a vocational education teacher at YBGR Gary manages the YBGR farm program.  They recently worked together with a crew of YBGR students to build fence. 

Raised in the West MagazineThat was the same day that Raised in the West magazine came to campus. 

You won’t want to miss the resulting story, Building Fences, Rebuilding Lives in the Fall/2018 edition out now. 

You’ll enjoy visiting with YBGR youth members on a work crew.  Share a walk through the campus gardens.  Learn about YBGR’s unique Homes for Heifers program.  And, meet two of Yellowstone’s most dedicated staff.