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Spiritual Life Program at YBGR:  Kiki’s Story

William A. (Bill) Hritsco

Dear Friend:

“I can’t do ANYTHING right, no matter how hard I try!” These are the hopeless words Kiki* shouted at John Dailey one night after a YoungLife meeting.

John is the Director of the Spiritual Life Program at Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch, and he is used to being the sounding board (and sometimes the “punching bag”) when hurting boys and girls at the Ranch try to understand why a loving God has seemingly turned His back to them.

For some of the children who choose to participate in the Ranch’s Chapel and YoungLife ministries, the dense fog in their minds keeps them from seeing and feeling God’s love. Most of the kids in residential treatment at Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch are suffering from the traumas of physical abuse, neglect and emotional abandonment. A lot of kids come to Yellowstone with chemical dependency problems, compounding their existing mental and emotional health crises. Kiki is no different.

Not only was Kiki physically abused, she also witnessed first hand the assault of her mother by an attacker. It’s no wonder Kiki became angry at God. It seemed to her that He would answer the prayers of others, but ignore hers entirely.

Fortunately, in addition to a universal values program, YBGR offers children an all-faiths spiritual program aimed at healing the entire person – mind, body and soul. Government agencies and insurance companies won’t pay for YBGR’s Spiritual Life Program, but compassionate friends like you will!

John Dailey says he is making progress with Kiki, slowly peeling back the protective layers she built around her heart. Kiki has asked John to teach her how to pray as she goes to sleep each night, believing that God is beginning to take an interest in her. Of course, God has been beside Kiki all along – she just couldn’t feel Him until John helped clear away the fog so that He was revealed.

You can help John as he continues to help lost boys and girls find the comfort of a loving God. Your support of the Spiritual Life Program is essentialthe Ranch couldn’t offer it without private donations.

This Easter, all of us at Yellowstone Foundation thank you for your past gifts, and humbly ask that you continue to ensure the Spiritual Life Program will stay alive and strong at the Ranch so other boys and girls can experience the blossoming of faith like Kiki did.

“But I call You for help, Lord; in the morning my prayer meets You.” – Psalm 88:13.

May the Good Lord bless you this Easter, and always, for your generosity.

For the Kids,

Bill Hritsco

*Name changed to protect individual’s confidentiality.