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Work Outdoors/Play Outdoors:  Jenna’s Story

William A. (Bill) Hritsco

Dear Friend:

Winston Churchill famously said, “The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.”  Though the kids at Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch might not say it quite so artfully, the astounding progress they make in equine therapy at the Ranch proves it just the same.  Ask “Jenna*.”

When she was only in the second grade, Jenna was rescued from her family’s dysfunctional home and placed in foster care. When Jenna’s emotional troubles began to bubble to the surface, her foster parents were unable to handle her anger and rebellion. They turned to Yellowstone for help.

WORK OUTDOORS     YBGR is unique among residential treatment centers around the country.  Not many hurting children get to roam a beautiful campus on a 410-acre working ranch.

A horse can heal a hurting child.

A horse can heal a hurting child.

For that matter, not many kids learn how to care for and communicate with an animal as large and powerful as a horse, with a mind and mood of its own.  Kids must learn to control their anger and frustration if they want to get cooperation from a horse.  Imagine how much confidence a youth gains when he gets a horse to do what he wants!  Imagine the discipline and character a teenage girl like Jenna develops when she realizes she must feed, water, groom and exercise her horse daily, no matter what kind of day she might be having.

The Equine Therapy YBGR provides to its kids is possible only because of the generosity of faithful donors like you.  Please help keep this program alive and vibrant at the Ranch – it is so worthwhile!  Ask Jenna.

A fish story and a great memory.

A fish story and a great memory.

PLAY OUTDOORS  Summertime finds YBGR’s kids getting outside and having some much-needed fun.  Dedicated staff take the children fishing, rafting, hiking and even camping.

The Ranch’s Outdoor Recreation program gives kids a break from school and therapy and interrupts their inner cycle of negative thoughts.

Just having a wholesome alternative to mind-numbing cell phones and computer screens is therapy in itself.  Some of Jenna’s best memories are of fishing with her Dad, before her family fell apart.  As a teen struggling with complicated emotional disorders, patience and persistence do not come naturally to Jenna.  However, when staff at the Ranch realized how calm and relaxed Jenna became while fishing, they made it a regular part of her treatment.  

It costs money to keep the Outdoor Recreation program going.  Yellowstone has no one other than generous donors like you to keep it going.  Hopefully, some of your best memories are of having fun in the Great Outdoors.  If you believe getting kids outside is important and you want to support YBGR’s Outdoor Recreation program.

For the Kids,

Bill Hritsco

*Name changed to protect individual’s confidentiality.