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2020 Begins:  You Can Help a Hurting Child

William A. (Bill) Hritsco

Dear Friend:

12 months, 52 weeks and 365 days. To the kids at Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch, a calendar is more than just a list of dates and events. When troubled kids go to the Ranch to seek treatment for their emotional, behavioral or learning problems, a calendar tells a unique story of where they’ve been over the past year and where they are now:

 – A calendar allows the Ranch’s boys and girls to keep track of their progress in school – receiving individualized academic support that reinforces their strengths based on their interests and abilities.
A calendar provides a positive outlook – that it’s possible to leave behind the hardships of their past, knowing that the Ranch is a “lifeboat” to recover, learn and grow.
A calendar represents a promise that a bright future is within reach at the Ranch – because every young boy and girl deserves the opportunity to go on to lead a productive, meaningful life.

With each kid’s personal journey over time, a calendar is an enduring reminder that a new day brings them more opportunities to overcome the damaging effects of childhood adversity.

Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch offers therapeutic programs that contribute to the emotional health and physical well being of over 650 at-risk youth, boys 10 to 18 and girls 12 to 18 of age. The Ranch provides positive psychological and educational experiences in a loving and supportive rural environment. This form of therapy is delivered in an atmosphere conducive to healing and learning. For disengaged youth who have fallen through the gaps, the Ranch is often their only hope to regain confidence and self-respect.

The year ahead predicts a growing need to help more young boys and girls who are at a risk of physical and emotional harm due to their living circumstances or home environmentAs a result, Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch faces many budgetary challenges to continue providing the level of care these vulnerable children require.

Your charitable gift in 2020 will help lead at-risk children to a healthier and brighter future. Thank-you!

For the kids,

Bill Hritsco, President