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Urgent Need

Chapel Roof Replacement: Continuing a Legacy of Hope & Healing

William A. (Bill) Hritsco

Dear Friend:

Poverty and emotional abuse split Katie’s* family apart. She continuously ran away from home, sometimes for weeks at a time. She tried to escape her reality by hiding in a dangerous world of drugs and immoral behavior. She got so wildly out of control that her father convinced her that she had sealed her fate and was going to hell, no matter what. Katie arrived at Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch furious at the world and stinging from her father’s shocking words.

At some fundamental level, kids believe what their parents tell them. Can you even imagine the kind of harm those words from Katie’s father caused?

Robbie Chapel on the YBGR Campus

When the Ranch’s Chaplain, John Dailey, invited Katie to the Winter YoungLife Camp recently held on campus, she scoffed and said, “God doesn’t want anything to do with me!” But Katie decided to attend for the fun, food and games.

Something miraculous happened over that long weekend. At the bonfire on the last night of the Camp, Katie broke down and told staff and youth alike that she could actually hear God calling her – convincing her that He loved her and wanted a relationship with her. Katie is meeting her treatment goals and Chaplain Dailey is teaching her how to study her Bible to continue to learn about God’s love for here.

The Spiritual Life Program at the Ranch is voluntary and non-denominational. It is supported solely by gifts from faithful donors like you. Over the past 60+ years, thousands of boys and girls have found hope at YBGR through the Spiritual Life Program.

At the heart of the Spiritual Life Program is found in the iconic Franklin and Merle Robbie Chapel on the Ranch campus. This beautiful church has been the center of faith-based activities at YBGR for the past 50 years.

Yellowstone Foundation raised funds in recent years for improvements to the interior of the Chapel. But, a desperate need on the exterior can no longer be ignored. The Chapel roof has lasted beyond its life expectancy and now must be replaced. Due to its size and unique design, the estimate is nearly $90,000. Yellowstone Foundation is conducting an intense campaign to raise the funds by Easter Sunday!

We need your help. Please send your best gift now so we can announce during Easter morning services in the Chapel that YBGR’s faithful donors came through once again in response to an urgent need on campus. Help us “shout from the mountaintops” on Easter morning that the Ranch can now commit with the contractor and get on the schedule for an early summer re-roofing.

All of us at Yellowstone Foundation thank you for your past gifts, and humbly ask that you continue to support the Spiritual Life Program and the Chapel roof replacement so that the many boys and girls who will come after Katie will have the opportunity to hear God’s voice and learn just how much He loves them.

May the Good Lord bless you this Easter for your generosity.

Bill Hritsco, President

*Name changed to ensure confidentiality.