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Back-To-School:  Jackie’s Story

William A. (Bill) Hritsco

Dear Friend:

The cycle of poverty often haunts generations. This is true for Jackie*, a 13-year old girl born into a family faced with multiple challenges, not the least of which is chronic poverty. Jackie’s mom is disabled and cannot work. Her dad has an inadequate education, leaving him to rely on part-time work at minimum wage.

On top of all the other hardships this 13-year old girl faces, she suffers from alopecia (hair loss). She has only one wig, and it is frayed and worn out.

Imagine a budding young lady preparing to go back to school with no hair, an old wig, and no new clothes or even the most basic school supplies. You are imagining Jackie.

Jackie gets a new wig

Jackie and her family are fortunate to have YBGR’s team of professionals on their side! YBGR was able to order Jackie a new wig and a few new outfits for school, in addition to school supplies.  This year, Jackie won’t have to worry about her appearance and instead she can concentrate on school.

In addition to making sure Jackie has what she needs to go back to school, YBGR’s Community Based Services team provides therapeutic help to the entire family unit. Yellowstone’s school-based therapists help Jackie and her older brother succeed in the classroom, and its case managers help coordinate services available to the family through other agencies.

Without gifts from donor friends like you, YBGR would never be able to step in and do things like ordering a new wig for Jackie or making sure other children in its care have backpacks, notebooks, pencils and glue to start the new school year.

It is that time of year again to shop for school supplies. The Ranch needs your help to buy basic “back-to-school-kits” so the girls and boys can hit the ground running.

Please send your best gift now so that YBGR can buy the kits in time for the first day of school. Being able to go the extra mile is what sets the Ranch apart. Your gift makes it all possible.

For the Kids,

Bill Hritsco

*Name changed to protect individual’s confidentiality.