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Sharing the Love:  Billy’s Story

William A. (Bill) Hritsco

Dear Friend:

On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate those we love, like the boys featured in these nostalgic Valentine photos from the early days at the Ranch.

While being nostalgic, we thought about one of our more recent boys, Billy*.  We wrote about Billy in our December 2016 Christmas Letter. Would you believe we still have donors asking us how he is doing?

This is what we said about Billy in December 2016:

“Billy lives with his grandparents in a trailer with no running water and spotty electricity. He doesn’t have a bed, so he sleeps on the couch or the floor. Billy comes to school dirty, so staff often help him start his day with a shower. They also help him address his continual plague of lice. One day he came to school wearing his grandma’s slippers because that’s all he could find to wear.”

With the help of caring staff and teachers at school, and “wrap-around” services in his foster home, Billy began gaining ground. The Special Education teachers at Yellowstone helped him catch up to his grade level. YBGR’s therapists shepherded him through his anger and abandonment issues.

When we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we prepare with the thoughts of chocolate hearts and flowers. These simple and carefree things might represent love to us, but for Billy what represents love is this – snacks and three meals per day, consistently; help with his homework, consistently; clean clothes and not even thinking about lice any more. He has a consistent bedtime and gets adequate sleep – in a bed.

With its residential treatment facilities on campus and a network of professionals working with children directly in their schools and homes in the community, YBGR helps more than 650 boys and girls every day. Yellowstone Foundation provides crucial financial support to the Ranch and similar organizations, but only through the help of caring people like you.

We are grateful for the love you share with the boys and girls.  Much like how Billy’s foster parents love him by providing basic needs, your financial gifts help meet the basic needs of the 650 kids YBGR treats every dayand that translates to love.

For the Kids,

Bill Hritsco

*Name changed to protect individual’s confidentiality.