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Summer Wrangler News

The Summer Wrangler Newsletter is available online now!  In this edition, we bring you up-to-date on how Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch is meeting the Coronavirus crisis on campus and extending their outreach with YBGR Connect Crisis Hotline.  Students are thriving and we introduce Yellowstone Academy’s most recent graduates.  Plus, greenhouse seasonal activity and a new flock of Pheasants ready to fly.

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The Wrangler publication reports on the direct working relationship of the Ranch with children and the Foundation’s activities in fundraising for the benefit of at-risk youth.

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Learning Never Yields

In under 24 hours from the announcement of school closures in Montana, Yellowstone Academy on the YBGR campus was able to pivot, providing online school for day school youth and classes in lodges and across campus for residential youth.

Residential students began having 4 classes each day on an alternating schedule. Classes like math, social studies, and English were taught in lodges with teachers going to the students.

Classes that needed equipment like science and music were able to be spread across the school, with no more than two lodges in the school at a time and at opposite ends of the building to maintain proper social distancing.  Art, welding, gym, and wood shop stayed in their regular locations spread throughout campus.

Thanks to an amazing admin and teaching staff, Yellowstone students are thriving!

A Chance at a Fresh Start

We recently asked a gathering of kids at Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch, “What does the arrival of spring mean to you?”

“Spring at the Ranch is a chance for a fresh start,” said one.  Many echoed their agreement.  Upon further discussion, the boys and girls said that thanks to the care and encouragement they are receiving at the YBGR, each day offers them the promise of a “new life.”

As spring is the season that represents new growth and hopefulness, these troubled kids realize that their own journey can mean the start of better times.

Learn more about springtime hopes for Yellowstone kids.

Since spring is a time of new beginnings, please take this opportunity to support the children at Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch who are making a fresh start in their lives!

April Showers

During Montana’s stay-at-home order, the Billings homeless population had few places to seek shower facilities.  Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch opened up the Garfield School locker rooms to the homeless.  St. Vincent de Paul’s thrift store provided a change of clothes, Mary Queen of Peace church volunteers provided new undergarments and shoes, and Koinonia Laundry washed the old clothes.  Because of a great community effort, the Saturday Shower Program is providing relief to those most in need.  Watch the video and read the full story at KTVQ.

ZOOM Keeps YBGR Connected

ZOOM technology is helping keep the YBGR campus connected more than ever during the current virus crisis.  The Ranch has been utilizing ZOOM for about three years to connect youth with their families.  The video conferencing platform is also used in mental health treatment and therapy.  With school classrooms gone quiet and group gatherings curtailed,  activities – including Easter Sunday services –  are live streamed directly to youth and staff.  Please visit KTVQ for the full story and video.


Spring Chicks

Spring 2020 marks the second season of YBGR’s successful Pheasant re-population project.  About 200 eggs and 300 chicks are newly arrived on campus.  Last year’s hens have laid about 90 eggs so far and that number is expected to double by the end of breeding season.

The Ranch now has two incubators for hatching eggs, the second incubator donated by St. Johns this year.  A second “fly pen” for juvenile birds has just been completed and a third fly pen will be done by the end of summer.  The goal is to raise 1500 pheasants in 2020. 

Check out our Into the Wild photo gallery of the 2019 Pheasant project.

For Sale

Yellowstone Foundation is offering this sweet duplex in Laurel, Montana, for sale.  Click below for details, contact information, and a virtual tour.  Visit our Links page to see what else is For Sale at Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Academy Pitches In

Yellowstone Academy is pitching in to create 3D medical masks to protect healthcare workers treating the COVID-19 virus.

Yellowstone Academy at YBGR, together with Montana Silversmiths and others, is lending its 3D printer and efforts to meet the needs of our local medical community.

Read the full story on the Montana Silversmiths blog.